Joseph Wesley
Son of Shebarani

Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy and Radiotherapy

Very often my mother used to get admitted for Chemotherapy in "Day Care" ward. Medical procedures done under the expert care of doctors like Dr. Manjunath and day care nurses was really commendable. Through frequent blood tests and other lab tests the progress of the patient is constantly watched. Apart from hospital care Dr. Manjunath also help us apply for Prime Minister's fund, helped us with the process to get free medicine (3 + 1) and free train tickets.I recommend the hospital as Oncology department is well maintained, well administered and affordable for all.

Kakan Chakraborty

It was 6 Years back when My Uncle has diagnosed 4 Stage Advance colon cancer. We approached few good reputed hospitals in Bangalore, After consulted with them, we had lost our hope regards to survival of my uncle & cost of treatment had offered by them was very much expensive & non bearable by middle class family. We did so many ground works & finally we approached Dr Shashidhar V.K from Vydehi Hospital Whitefield. After consulted him, we got relief & happy as he assured us to control the disease through chemotherapy. The cost of treatment was very much affordable for a middle class family & he himself helped us to get all this thing with affordable price. Now we have completed 6 Years & my uncle is living happy life without recurrence.... Doctor Shashidhar is one of the very few doctors who would genuinely take interest in your problem. Only doctor who spent enough time with me to understand my uncle case & helped me understand it He is extremely polite person, listen to all of your problem carefully & allow you to ask as many questions you want. He is always reachable over phone in case of emergency, any follow up & any query. I think we can fight with world's disease cancer with a smile if he is your Oncologist. May God bless him, we are lucky to get him as an Oncologist.

M Kanagaraj
Relative of Shebarani

Cancer Survivor

The treatment is excellent. The doctors and staffs are very cooperative. They deal with each case with care and clear our doubts patiently.

Pradeep N
Brother of Nithya N

Breast cancer survivor

My sister underwent chemotherapy sessions for cancer of the breast followed by Breast Conservative Surgery and Radiation. She is very happy that the shape of the breast is maintained after the reconstruction. All the doctors were a great source of support during the entire course of treatment, with special thanks to Dr. Manjunath, Dr. Ganesh, Dr. Shashidhar, and Dr. Amritha. We are really happy and thankful to entire oncology department at Vydehi Hospital.

B.T. Thripuramba

It was said that the disease is critical to be operated but well experienced professor Dr Keerthi and his team under the guidance of HOD of surgical oncology, Dr Ganesh did the operation (Whipple's procedure for pancreas cancer) successfully which took six long hours. The doctors team took a lot of care after the surgery and also encouraged me to develop confidence and will power for which I am very thankful to them. We can get all the facilities in the hospital and all types of tests are done in their campus itself. Staff members working there are most dedicated and their service makes us feel pleasant and recover faster.


Accommodation: Farouq and his attendees were very happy with the room. It was spacious and comfortable
Accessibility: The family was very happy with how the doctors and all the staff were accessible. We believe that they all gave their very best effort. This is especially true given that the patient had multiple advanced conditions. We were impressed with Dr Roshan. He was very patient and responsive to our pleas for the hospital to try harder to secure the tissue specimen that was stuck at customs, an unfortunate bureaucratic boondoggle that the hospital attempted to sort out.

Mohammed Kunji

Transplant for multiple myeloma

Dr Krishna prasad from Mangalore is the one who introduced me to vydehi hospital and Dr. Shashidar. And we are very happy about Vydehi hospital and Medical oncology doctors team of Vydehi especially Dr. Shashidar, Dr. Roshan, Dr. Mehlam.I will suggest everybody for cancer treatment VYDEHI hospital is the best..

Chandan C S

Treated for Ewing's sarcoma of chest wall

I has taken a treatment of chemotherapy for the duration of one and a half year which included 14 cycles of treatment and each cycle of chemo was given for once in 21 days. First of all four chemo sessions were done and then I had a surgery after which eight chemo sessions were done. The doctors are very caring and friendly and the centre has an ethnic look with cleanliness being given utmost importance. I am personally thankfull to the oncology faculty who has taken care of me, especially Roshan sir (Medical Oncology) and Amritha madam (Surgical Oncology).

Shekhar Panuganti

Chemo-immunotherapy for lung carcinoma

The doctors at vydehi are very knowledgeable and they nicely explained to me the details of the disease and the treatment plan. Their hospitality and facilities are very good. The nursing staff and the PG students treat patient with respect and empathy. Cancer is a disease which requires mental and physical strength for not only the patients but also for the caregivers. In this long battle, the doctors are very supportive.

Patient - T. Vijayan

Chemotherapy followed by Radiation

The oncology department was clean,busy & organized Dr. Shashidhar and his team dedicated to their work and available always. Very understanding team. We have never been disappointed and always available. Very understanding. We have never been disappointment and always leave on a healing note. Dr shashid is an amazing person and this is a wonderful team.

Vinod Karunakaran

Bladder cancer

My dad was affected with bladder cancer in 2017, when we came to know about the disease we tried to reach out to many hospital for the treatment and all doctors and across city and states. All they said it not cureable and only option to remove bladder as well.That's when we got DR Ganesh sir, within first meeting he gave us so much positive hopes and said we can cure without any surgery.That brought back lot of hopes back to our family.Had great expert with each one of the oncologist in Vydehi , each one doctors are so connected and coordinated with patients medical history. Radiation oncologist DR Geeta mam and team will always be with us during each session of treatment which was nice gestures and kind to patient.... During a year treatment we where taken care very well by doctors and hospital staffs. Excellent team in both medical and radiation oncologist. I would thank each and every one doctors from bottom of heart Thanks for giving our hope and life back.

Gita Das

Cancer Survivor

Since then I have had a pleasant and satisfying experience. I was under the care of Dr. Shashidar, Dr Geetha Dr.Manjunath and Dr Roshan and their team of doctors. The environment at the hospital is very positive as the Day-Care Ward has encouraging and affectionate male and female nursing staff. Everyone at the Oncology Department are kind and approachable not only to me but to every other patient.

Nikhil B K

BMT For Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

I was provided with good treatment and helpful from all of the staffs and doctors.Nurses were so friendly with me they treated me with love and care.I left hospital with 100 % cure.I am very thankful to each everyone who helped me to come back to my normal life. No suggestions ,everything is good I will recommend my friends and family.

Priyanka Chouhan

Breast cancer survivor

Happy with doctors friendliness, explaination of the issues, treatment satisfaction, knowledge value for money. Doctors are really hardworking works day-in day-out for patients, they are the reasons patients are in hospital.

Janardhan B

Chemotherapy Survivor

He was given chemotherapy with stem cell transplantation for Multiple Myeloma.
1. We received good support from the team of doctors and other staffs.
2. Cost of the treatment was affordable too.
3. Hospital atmosphere was really good.
4. Thanks to the team and wishing all success.

Happy Kumari
sister of Prabhu Kumar

Throat Cancer Survivor

It was very good experience specially with Dr Geetha. She is well experienced and very cooperative. Surely we will share our experience about the hospital and doctors

Madhavi Latha K

Breast cancer survivor

The treatment sessions were very painful but with the help of Doctors and Day care staffs I got cured and experienced a new hope of life.


Autologous stem-cell transplantation

The patient was treated by Respected Doctor Sashidhar Karpur Math from the very begging to end after being admitted in the Hospital with a caring attitude As the patient as well as Patient party expected from a good doctor. Patient was from a needy family but Dr.Sashidhar came to them as a friend and guide. His magnanimity save the patient (mother) as well as her only girl child (aged 5 years that time).