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Acknowledging Dr. M.S.Ganesh - The Gentle Warrior Against Cancer As
“Top Doctors-South 2022”.

Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research center and VCC are extremely proud to have Dr. M.S.Ganesh as the Head of Vydehi Cancer Center. His role as a Doctor, Professor, and Head of Surgical Oncology is a key to many successful recoveries of cancer patients. VIMS & RC and VCC take great pleasure in congratulating Dr.M.S.Ganesh for being recognized in “Top Doctors-South 2022” as one of the best Oncologists, published by INDIA TODAY. The compassion he extends to his patients, the tireless dedication and passion-filled efforts are the keys to his achievements in the field of Oncology.

The educational journey of Dr. M.S.Ganesh is fascinating as most of the treatments for Cancer were just evolving, and Dr. Ganesh consistently strived to keep pace with the progress. Cancer related medical treatments were steadily increasing in demand while the number of specialists required to provide the care was insufficient which influenced Dr Ganesh’s decision to pursue Surgical Oncology. Cancer related medical treatments were steadily increasing in demand while the number of specialists required to provide the care was insufficient which influenced Dr Ganesh’s decision to pursue Surgical Oncology. His alma mater is Kurnool Medical College (A.P) where he completed MBBS as well as M.S. in General Surgery. He secured university second rank in surgery and university fourth rank in Obstetrics and Gynaecology while completing MBBS. He successfully completed his M.Ch Surgical Oncology as the topper in University Exam from Cancer Institute Adayar Chennai. A diploma in surgical laparoscopy from the European telesurgery Institute, Strasbourg, France,is yet another jewel in his crown. Along with his academic achievements, Dr. M.S. Ganesh underwent specialized trainings like HIPEC training from European Surgical Institute, Hamburg, Germany, and Gastric Cancer extended node dissections and Intraoperative Radiotherapy ( IORT ) as part of Indo Japanese Randomised trial in 1997.

With great accomplishments as both a professor and a surgeon, Dr. M.S.Ganesh serves society with great compassion and dedication. He work as an assistant professor - Surgical Oncology division, Cancer Institute, Adayar, Chennai, and as a senior consultant and head of the Surgical Oncology department at Dharamshila Cancer hospital New Delhi are notable periods in his career. At Fortis Hospitals, New Delhi, he served as Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist. We feel proud to have Dr. M.S.Ganesh as Professor, and Head of Surgical Oncology, and Head of Vydehi Cancer Centre. At Vydehi Institute of Medical science and Research center, Dr. M.S.Ganesh runs the M.Ch surgical oncology training program recognized by the National Medical council since 2012. He was also the inaugural Chairman of the Medical executive committee at VIMS&RC for a period of two years. Since 2007 Dr. M.S.Ganesh and VCC have teamed up together in the fight against Cancer by providing compassionate quality treatment.

Dr. M.S.Ganesh strongly believes that Cancer spares no one and the surgeon has proven his expertise in surgical oncology and given hope for survival and a better quality of life to many. He proudly says “VCC is the one place where maximum support is given to patients irrespective of their social or economic status. Our aim is to fight the nature of the disease and defeat it” Many government and non-government organizations collaborate to extend their support in this noble journey. Dr. Ganesh has carried out a wide range of successful head and neck cancer surgeries over the past 20 years. Apart from running highly successful clinical trials in oral cancers at VIMS&RC Dr. Ganesh also manages one of the largest Limb salvage programs in Karnataka at VCC in conjunction with the Orthopaedic department, and here the remarkable works of Dr. M.S.Ganesh in the field of Musculoskeletal Oncology are appreciable Peritoneal surface malignancy is another area of the doctor’s specialization, and Dr. Ganesh was among the few in the country to commence the CRS and HIPEC surgeries at VCC. People also consult Dr. M.S.Ganesh for Colorectal cancers and minimally invasive surgeries.

In India, cancer is a scary prospect involving the pain of long-term treatment, and financial strain. Every traumatic situation engages a lot of emotions and conveying such news to the family and the patient while maintaining a positive outlook and keep confidence level up is one of the real challenges for the doctor. In this regard, it is the trust that people have placed in Dr. M.S.Ganesh that motivates him to vanquish the disease.

Nearly two decades of Dr. Ganesh’s experience have firmly established him alongside some of the leading oncology surgeons in the country. His keen interaction with patients, keeping up to date with technology and skill sets, and concern for cost-effective cancer care has helped him to create a benchmark in the field of Oncology. As a distinguished mentor and guide, he willingly imparts his experience and knowledge to young surgeons seeking surgical oncology training. VIMS&RC and VCC once again heartily congratulate Dr. M.S.Ganesh on his achievements.