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Second Opinion

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should you seek a second opinion in cancer?
The following would be some of the reasons to get a second opinion in Cancer
a. Is it Cancer at all?
When there is a confusion regarding the diagnosis of cancer- a second opinion can help clear your doubts.
b. It is Cancer, but I am not satisfied with the explanation
Cancer is a life changing diagnosis. The treatment of which can also be life changing. So before you embark on your treatment, a second opinion with a detailed explanation by our expert oncology panel consisting of Medical, Surgical and Radiation oncologists, can be re assuring.
c. I am not sure which to start first- chemo, radiation or surgery
Treatment of cancer in the present era is tailored to the requirements of the individual. It's called 'Personalized Medicine'. And a second opinion will help you in deciding on which treatment should be started first and why.
2. How do I get a second opinion?
You can fill in the details and submit in the above form, one of our oncology co-ordinator will reach you shortly and guide you accordingly.
3. How much does it cost for 2nd opinion?
In second opinion you will have a opinion from expert oncology panel consisting of Medical, Surgical and Radiation oncologists. And the cost of second opinion is affordable to every one.

Second Opinion

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