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Deepthi Sivadas

The oncology department of Vydehi is the best. My mother was diagnosed with cervical carcinoma shortly after a uterus removal surgery. As like everyone else, the news was shocking and devastating. I was referred to Dr. Hemant in surgical oncology department of VIMS by our gynecologist. Once I met Dr. Hemant I knew instantly that I don't have to go else where or even try for second opinions. He gave the whole picture of the biopsy report clearly and referred us to radiation oncology. He infact came along with us and met Dr. Richa who then gave a clear plan of what to do next. The equipments in VIMS for detection of cancer is clearly state of the art as I have heard from many other physicians and they were able to detect the spread even at a microscopic scale.... The treatment plans are always fine tuned to each patient with a patient centric approach. Dr. Richa did a wonderful job in making my mother mentally prepared for the process and gave her the spirit to fight back. Dr. Manjunath from medical oncology took care of the chemotherapy. We were so fearful about the chemo process but Dr. Manjunath gave good counselling clearly explaining what to expect and what not and mostly clearing out the myths surrounding this treatment. I also wanted to thank Dr. Mounika who was in charge for my mother's internal radiation which was the most difficult one of all. What my mother wanted was mental support and an assurance that all this will get over soon which she constantly gave. From what I understand, the doctors here are always on the cutting edge of the research in this field and they use these proven research outcomes for treatments, thereby minimizing the side effects attributed to the cancer treatment. We can always approach the doctors and they will be more than willing to help you clear your doubts. The friendly and humble nature of these doctors with their advanced expertise in Oncology is what I prefer rather than five star hotel kind of hospitals wherein the intention is only money making. As they say at VIMS, best cancer care need not be expensive.

Meetha Shenoy

I am P. S. Pai from Bengaluru. I want to put on record the high level of treatment for breast cancer given by the Vydehi Hospital to my wife Meetha(56), about a year ago. Soon after we noticed some lumps in her breasts in last week of October 2020, we rushed to a Diagnostic center and did the Mammogram and other tests. The result showed malignancy. Meetha, a very active, health conscious woman socially well connected and involved in charity works, started worrying. Our friends suggested to get the treatment in one of the leading Hospitals like HCG, MANIPAL, NH etc. One of her relatives from Kerala, who is a Doctor specialized in Urology referred us to Doctor Shashidhar in Vydehi Cancer Centre located in Whitfield. ... We consulted Dr. Shshidhar, Head of Medical Oncology. Dr. Shashidhar, reviewed the reports & spoke to us for 15 minutes. We felt relieved after listening to the explanation given by him when he stated that she was in early stage and Mastectomy operation had to be done on the breasts to remove all tumors. Biopsy of the tissues will follow, soon after which decision about the next step will be taken. Operation was done successfully by Surgeon Dr. M.S. Ganesh, assisted by Dr. Hemant and other team members. Biopsy report was reviewed and Dr. Shashidhar explained to us and convincingly told us the requirement for Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy for a short period. He also told us, “ Being in Early Stage, It is recommended to do a new procedure called Mama-print test on the tissues which will classify the risk level of the Cancer - High or Medium or Low risk. It was to be done in Europe and cost involved is very high. If the risk is low, the treatment by oral medication can be done without need for either Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy thus avoiding side effects.” I opted to go ahead with the test. The sample of tissue was sent to the facility in Netherlands. We got the result after a few weeks. We were relieved after seeing the report. By God’s grace Meetha’s case got classified as, “Low Risk category.” Dr. Shashidhar prescribed for consuming one Leterozole tablet everyday for a long time, about 10 years. He also advised to have BMD test every six months to assess if calcium level is satisfactory since the tablet has side effect to weaken the bones. We got the test done twice during the year and found the BMD satisfactory. Since the period was during Covid 19 Pandemic, Dr. Shashidhar and Dr. Hemant told us to contact them in case of any post operation issues. We found them responding to Meetha’s messages and suggest remedial action. Dr. Hemant, attended to her issue of swelling after a couple of weeks of Surgery on a Sunday which made her come out of the painful wound. Special THANKS to you Dr. Hemant. We have no words to thank Dr. Shashidhar, a Doctor par excellence, for whom his patients are on top of priority list. His soothing words are good enough for patients to drive out negative thoughts from their mind and start responding with smile. We pray God to bless the Doctors like Shashidhar, Ganesh, Hemant , Muthu and others long and healthy life dedicated to the service of the humanity to come out of the dreaded disease of Cancer in the great facility: Vydehi Cancer Centre (VCC). The owners of this Institute deserve accolades for establishing, high standard of maintenance and upkeep of the Institute. The large crowd of patients from many parts of India shows how popular is this Hospital

Asmaul Mallik
Reviewed Date: 31st May 2021

My Sister Sekh Sakila Begum was admitted at 16th July,21. Taken care by Doctor Hemanth. I'm glad to share my experience at hospital. Hospital was really good and hygienic. Care taking by doctors, nurses and other staffs was very good. Hospital facilities like food, housekeeping etc was very Good.
All the doctors in Surgical Oncology are very helpful. Eta 3rd time operation very critical condition. my Sister Surgery done & Successful . I would like to Thanks Dr.M S Ganesh, Dr.Hemanth , Dr.Keerthi Dr,Amritha ,Dr,Uday Dr.Bharat for being the saviour. I don't know all the doctors names who have helped us but would like to Thanks the whole department of Surgical Oncology & Medical Oncology (Dr.Nitish). Special Thanks Dr.Hemanth
We will be lifelong grateful to Dr.Hemanth & Oncology team for all the support then & even Now.
(I am Asmaul Mallik From Kolkata)

Komal Sree
Reviewed Date: 1st May 2021

I'm GURU....my father taken treatment with vydehi hospital......Dr SHASHIDHAR sir explained clearly disease and treatment plans,now my dad completely cured,way of treatment cant describe in words,expirence doctor, good response, polite with patience friendly nature,today I m looking dad because of DR SHASHIDHAR.....lifetime thankful to u sir:pray:much more happiness.....good luck for ur future,once again thanks a lot sir.

Pooja Chowdari
Reviewed Date: 18th April 2021

It is the best cancer hospital in Bangalore Dr.shashidhar and Dr.Ganesh are the best doctors I would suggest cancer patients of any stage to visit this hospital and the cost of treatment is also affordable.

Supratim Karmakar
Reviewed Date:11th April 2021

Vydehi Cancer Center, is very good Center in India. I spent more or less 12months in this hospital as a cancer patient. At that time I saw All doctors are very good sisters & brothers also. I am cancer survival. I every time give ten out of ten marks in terms of service, doctor patient relationship, ect. Thanks Vydehi, thanks for my new life.

Anjani Pandey
Reviewed Date: 06th April 2021

It’s been 9+ years getting a consultation from the Oncology Department for my Dad (Mr. Parmanand Pandey) who has been a Leukemia survivor since 2012. I approached oncology department for 2nd opinion and found this facility and Dr. Shashidhar. This doctor is truly exceptional! From the moment I entered the doors to the office, cared for, and completely at ease. Dr. Shashidhar and his staff has gone above and beyond to be sure that my dad’s complete health and wellness have been made first priority.... He is extremely knowledgeable and personable, under his supervision and continuous integrated efforts my Dad's health improved a lot since he has been diagnosed to this Chronic disease. I personally thank to Dr. Shashishar and his staff for being amicable providing right course of actions in timely manner to ensure correct treatment plan. I was never made to wait, and if ever I needed to contact him or his staff, they were super speedy in responding by my inquiries. The office is inviting, and staff members are friendly and helpful in every way. Truly, I would recommend this medical office to anyone seeking answers to better their health and do so in a very personalized way.ight now.

Reviewed Date: 23rd March 2021

I'm sanju..I suffered from cancer .. I did my treatment from vydehi hospital bangaluru.. It's was great for my life .. Right now i'm totally healthy person and i'm working now right now.

Mr.Biman Mandal
Reviewed Date: 16th March 2021

I am Biman mandal... I am an lymphoma patient and I had taken treatment from 2019 march till last February....now I am absolutely alright, I am really very happy now all because of vydehy oncology department, bengaluru... Here the doctors (Dr. Shashidhar, Dr. Manjunath and team), nurses (Girija sister, as win I sister, bib in brother) are very kind and good.

Mr.Nirmal Kumar
Reviewed Date: 02nd March 2021

Treatment cost is less compared to my own state. Doctors are supportive and kind. They took care of my emotional and physical wellbeing. I am grateful to Dr. Sasidhar, and Dr.Manjunath for taking care of me. Doctors , Nurses and other staffs are experienced and helped me during my treatment.

Ms. Artist Ritu
27th Feb 2021

We came to Vydehi Cancer Center for my mother's Colon Cancer treatment and are extremely satisfied with the level of excellence and professionalism of the doctors. I would like to say special thanks to Dr. Salil Pandey (Interventional radiologist), Dr. Manjunath (Medical Oncologist) & to Dr. Geeta Narayanan (Head of Radiation Oncology) for their positive approach & great support during the entire treatment. They are one of the Best, Outstanding & Amazing doctors one can ever get. They took such great care of my mother during the whole treatment journey like family members. We were truly touched with their extreme positivity and kindness and felt as if they were God sent Angels for us. We are truly grateful to all the three doctors & their support staff. Thank you so much.

Mr. Ratnakar panda
27th Feb 2021

I m very much thankful to dr ganesh sir and dr kirti sir for my oral surgery done on first week of Feb. On the first meeting with these two sirs they made me feel as if fifty percent of disease has cured. Along with treatment, what a patient needs is assurance which they were constantly giving me. Also,I would like to mention that the hospital is really clean and well maintained. I am grateful to the doctors and the staff who made this possible. Thankyou /p>

Mr. Akulavenkatasiva Asha
25th Feb 2021

Having a dear one diagnosed with cancer is a pain, but life is full of surprises. We went to Vydehi hospital for my father's colorectal cancer treatment. I was not having a clue about how cancer treatment procedure would be. Dr. Ganesh and his team are wonderful people. We were given a summary of the malignancy and treatment procedure. It took 9 months to complete the course. Its not an easy one but always had belief on the doctors that my father will become normal.... Kind, soft spoken and down to earth are the words to describe them. They make sure that right treatment is provided aswell have empathy for the patient. Thanks to Dr.Geetha and her team from radiation oncology ; Dr. Manjunth, Dr. Tushar, Dr. Swaroopa and team from medical oncology; Dr.Ganesh, Dr. Keerthi and Dr. Hemanth from surgical oncology for their support throughout. Special call out to Dr. Santosh for giving valuable inputs throughout. Last but not least, the nursing staff and Nazia from insurance section provided good support throughout. Thanks once again everyone one for providing valuable service. My father has to undergo one another surgery as part of the treatment . Praying for his complete recovery.

Sandesh Selvaraj
Reviewed Date: 24th Feb 21

The treatment provided by the Radiation oncology team was great for my mother and treatment was completed with great support. Special thanks to Dr Geetha, Dr Jaswanthi and Dr Ujwal for their great gesture and expertise. Thank you all once again!!

Pallavi NC
Reviewed Date: 31st Jan'21

My Sister-in-Law Deevi Chaandravathi was suffering from Stage 3B Uterus Cancer. When we received the diagnosis, we were completely shocked and lost. We immediately referred her to Vydehi Hospital for further consultation. Dr Garima was utmost patient and very helpful, she took the full patient history and did a detailed consultation and confirmed the diagnosis and explained us in detail the full course of treatment. She helped put us at ease and helped us at every step of the treatment. Dr Garima, Dr Keerthi and Dr Ganesh and rest of the team conducted successfull advanced laproscopic hysterectomy as first step in her treatment.... The doctors kept us informed during the entire duration of surgery. The recovery post surgery was equally smooth and she was discharged within 3-4 days. Post surgery and Biopsy results radiation treatment was recommended for further elimination of cancerous cells. She was went 28 sessions of external radiation treatment and 2 sessions of vaginal brachytherapy. Both the treatments were given with utmost care and under proper supervision of Dr Ujjwal and his team and she completed all the sessions successfully by 31st Jan'21. I would like to sincerely extend my thanks to the wonderful team of doctors and medical staff in Vydehi Cancer Center, especially Dr Garima, Dr Keerthi, Dr Ganesh and Dr Ujjwal. Thanks to their expert guidance and treatment my sister in law is cancer free today and hopefully will continue to remain so.

Kakan Chakraborty

It was 6 Years back when My Uncle has diagnosed 4 Stage Advance colon cancer. We approached few good reputed hospitals in Bangalore, After consulted with them, we had lost our hope regards to survival of my uncle & cost of treatment had offered by them was very much expensive & non bearable by middle class family. We did so many ground works & finally we approached Dr Shashidhar V.K from Vydehi Hospital Whitefield. After consulted him, we got relief & happy as he assured us to control the disease through chemotherapy. The cost of treatment was very much affordable for a middle class family & he himself helped us to get all this thing with affordable price. Now we have completed 6 Years & my uncle is living happy life without recurrence.... Doctor Shashidhar is one of the very few doctors who would genuinely take interest in your problem. Only doctor who spent enough time with me to understand my uncle case & helped me understand it He is extremely polite person, listen to all of your problem carefully & allow you to ask as many questions you want. He is always reachable over phone in case of emergency, any follow up & any query. I think we can fight with world's disease cancer with a smile if he is your Oncologist. May God bless him, we are lucky to get him as an Oncologist.


Accommodation: Farouq and his attendees were very happy with the room. It was spacious and comfortable
Accessibility: The family was very happy with how the doctors and all the staff were accessible. We believe that they all gave their very best effort. This is especially true given that the patient had multiple advanced conditions. We were impressed with Dr Roshan. He was very patient and responsive to our pleas for the hospital to try harder to secure the tissue specimen that was stuck at customs, an unfortunate bureaucratic boondoggle that the hospital attempted to sort out.


We are from kerala.we came here on November 2019 for my father's treatment in oncology department and we got satisfactory result here. The hospital works extremely good.The doctors and staffs are very kind and friendly with patients.All types of medical facilities are available.The neatness of the hospital are well maintained.The treatment charge and doctors fee are less as compared to other hospitals.I would like to thank Dr.ROSHAN for the kind corporation.

M Kanagaraj
Relative of Shebarani

Cancer Survivor

The treatment is excellent. The doctors and staffs are very cooperative. They deal with each case with care and clear our doubts patiently.

Nayan Rai

I don't hesitate to call "VYDEHI" a temple of healing.Well every individual goes through different experiences & interpretation.I consider myself fortunate that I happen to fall in a right place When I was looking for the best treatment possible for my Mother.Vision without action is a daydream. And action without vision is a nightmare. The doctors, sisters & brother all of them seems working with their outmost passion and vision, which was pleasing to see. I acknowledge every working individual in this hospital. From ward-boys to sweepers, from security guards to help desk, everyone deserves a credit because without them the atmosphere wouldn't be smooth and stable. Hats-off to all the workers behind. Dept oncology, was outstanding. They are professional. Their character speaks. Thats what the end of the Education stands for, CHARACTER. My mom had a loving connection with Dr.Uma specially. She was more of a daughter to her. Thanks all for making impossible a possible. Keep up the work ethic and integrity High and steady forever. Regards from Patient, Reeta Gurung

Ashish Saigal

From Apr to Nov'21 we had been going to Vydehi Cancer Center in Whitefield, Bangalore for cancer treatment for my wife. Right from our first visit, when we met the head of the center Dr. M. S. Ganesh, every interaction, examination, and treatment session was very reassuring. Whether it be the Surgical Oncology team under Dr. Ganesh, or the Medical Oncology team under Dr. Shashidhar V. K., or the Radiation Oncology team under Dr. Geeta S. Narayanan – we always felt very confident that we were in good hands. I am happy to state that she has been successfully completed her treatment and is doing well. In addition to having high levels of professional knowledge and skills, which are basic to any good quality medical care, the team of doctors are very empathetic, supportive, and calm in handling queries from patients and their family members. We could ask the same doubt over-and-over again to the same doctor or to several doctors, and always got their complete attention and a helpful response.... Patients from all strata of the society get very good attention at Vydehi Cancer Center. It was a very pleasant experience at every stage - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation sessions - and all this at an unbelievably reasonable price. Certainly, there is something in the culture of this center, that every employee from support staff to the senior most doctors are focused on healing the patients, with a calm and balanced approach. If ever you seek end-to-end help in managing cancer treatment for someone, I highly recommend Vydehi Cancer Center.

Vinaya Bankapur

Vydehi Cancer Centre is one of the best hospital for cancer treatment in Bengaluru. All the doctors here are very good. I visited Vydehi oncology department during October 2020 since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We first consulted Dr.M.S.Ganesh (HOD Surgical Oncology). After reviewing the reports he suggested 8 cycles of Chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiation treatment. He introduced us to Dr.Shashidhar K (HOD Medical Oncology) for further treatment. I am very thankful to Dr.Shashidhar since he helped us in each and every aspect during the entire course of treatment. He is a great doctor and more than that a very good human being. No words would be enough for us to thank him. I would also like to thank Dr.M.S.Ganesh for successfully operating my mother and Dr.Surya Prakash (Radiation Oncology) for his help during the course of radiotherapy. Once again I am thankful to the entire Oncology department including the support staff, nurses, admin and insurance department.

Srimathi Karthik
29th July

In October 2020 my father was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and was referred to contact Dr. Shashidhar Medical Oncology in Vydehi hospital. When we met the doctor in the hospital Dr. Shashidhar was very patient in listening to my father's concerns and also explained the treatment procedures and how they have formed it based on my father's earlier medical conditions.
All through the process of chemo and radiation the staff and doctors were very helpful and caring towards my father. The treatment went on well and my father is hale and healthy. We would like to thank the hospital staff and doctors for the support and care that they provided to my father.

Sambit Mohanty

While we realise it’s cancer it was really hard to believe. We wanted some best treatment so we went Manipal but a cancer patient is a scope of business for them the amount you will spend in test are 10 times higher than the treatment cost. In this situation the emotional mind will look for a hope and we came to know about Vydehi we are feeling really lucky that we went there very much thankful to HOD Dr Shashidhar, Dr. Swarupa they really guide us in very effective way . Appreciate the patience for describing each patient. Patient getting recover now.

Pradeep N
Brother of Nithya N

Breast cancer survivor

My sister underwent chemotherapy sessions for cancer of the breast followed by Breast Conservative Surgery and Radiation. She is very happy that the shape of the breast is maintained after the reconstruction. All the doctors were a great source of support during the entire course of treatment, with special thanks to Dr. Manjunath, Dr. Ganesh, Dr. Shashidhar, and Dr. Amritha. We are really happy and thankful to entire oncology department at Vydehi Hospital.


I visited Vydehi for breast cancer treatment. I had undergone surgery for the same. The doctors are saviours of life according to me at Vydehi. Dr. Ganesh and his team of Surgical Oncology whomI met since Feb I want to thank each and everyone including the supporting staffs. Especially Dr. Ganesh, Dr. Hemanth, Dr.Sudhir, Dr Bharat, infact I had become like one of regular customers to them. Dr. Hemanth and Dr. Sudhir always attended me anytime reached to them at any mode of communication. I don't have words to thank them. I have completed first stage of my treatment and stepping into next stage Thank you all again.

Mr.Sai Kiran

I came to Vydehi cancer Institute for my grandmother's treatment the quality of treatment in Vydehi Cancer center is very good. The doctors are really attentive and they responded to my calls.Doctor's took care of the patients at most care and personally consulated other department for the treatment and next steps. Very clearly explained about the condition and next steps and made the patient very comfortable. I really THANK YOU the radiation oncology team, especially Dr. Anukul Dutta and Dr. Mounika they were very kind and helpful throughout the treatment. Thank you so much!!!😊

Ms. Kutagolla Revathi
27th Feb 2021

I am writing this review after 3 years of my mom's surgery which happened in December 2017. she was diagnosed from esophageal cancer. We were suggested many hospitals but luckily we chose Vydehi hospital for the treatment. Doctors who work here are so dedicated and expert in their profession. Everyone say cancer treatment is very costly. Believe me, this hospital provides the best treatment at an affordable price. My mom underwent a very major surgery called Esophagectomy post Chemo-Radiation Therapy. Doctors have used laproscopic vats procedure which helped my mom recover in 15 days from the surgery although it was a major one. She had a little discomfort initially for few months and this is the 4th year and she is doing good by God's Grace. And we are taking my mom to the hospital for follow-up's every six months. I strongly recommend this hospital for cancer related treatments without any second thought. I will be ever grateful to Dr. Keerthi and Dr. Hemanth who are soo dedicated in their work. Thank you sooo soo much for all the staffs of Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncologists of Vydehi hospital for all your support and guidance.

Reviewed Date: 20th Jan 2021

Parents give birth where as Doctors give rebirth to a person. The above statement summarizes my experience with oncology department. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in the month Dec2020. We were in a frightful situation and was not sure of what next. We had our first meeting with Dr Ganesh, Dr Geetha and Dr Shashidhar The first thing they did was they removed the fear of cancer by comforting us and explaining the processes involved in the treatment. The treatment was a 6 week anxious but fruitful journey and would like to thank the people who played an crucial role. 1. Dr Geetha- we are grateful to her for guiding the team and for her continuous support. 2. Dr Shashidhar:- I believe along with the medicine, a doctor's soothing WORDS solves half of problem for the patient.... Dr. Shashidhar sir is the synonym for patience. That's what Dr Shashidhar does, He talks to the patients very softly and politely. He is available whenever required. He keeps enquiring about the patient on a regular basis. 3. Dr Jaswanthi A R: She is JAR full of dedication and commitment. I would say she was the backbone in the whole execution of the treatment. She Shared her number and responded to us whenever required. She always kept the patient in comfort zone. A big thanks to her!! 4. Dr Kashyap: He was involved in the Brachy-therapy treatment for my mother-in-law. It was a fearful and painful treatment . However He along with Dr Jaswanthi , made the patient feel very comfortable. He has been very supportive and a caring doctor. 5. Dr Natasha and Dr Shreya Chatterjee:- We are highly Gratified for their guidance on the processes and in taking care of the patient. Last but not the least, A kind appreciation to all the nurses and technicians including the ward boys and ayyas involved in chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. I do have some suggestions to improvise the processes, I have emailed to the concerned authorities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole VOICE team of Vydehi. May your tribe grow more.!!,

Mohammed Kunji

Transplant for multiple myeloma

Dr Krishna prasad from Mangalore is the one who introduced me to vydehi hospital and Dr. Shashidar. And we are very happy about Vydehi hospital and Medical oncology doctors team of Vydehi especially Dr. Shashidar, Dr. Roshan, Dr. Mehlam.I will suggest everybody for cancer treatment VYDEHI hospital is the best..

Chandan C S

Treated for Ewing's sarcoma of chest wall

I has taken a treatment of chemotherapy for the duration of one and a half year which included 14 cycles of treatment and each cycle of chemo was given for once in 21 days. First of all four chemo sessions were done and then I had a surgery after which eight chemo sessions were done. The doctors are very caring and friendly and the centre has an ethnic look with cleanliness being given utmost importance. I am personally thankfull to the oncology faculty who has taken care of me, especially Roshan sir (Medical Oncology) and Amritha madam (Surgical Oncology).

Shekhar Panuganti

Chemo-immunotherapy for lung carcinoma

The doctors at vydehi are very knowledgeable and they nicely explained to me the details of the disease and the treatment plan. Their hospitality and facilities are very good. The nursing staff and the PG students treat patient with respect and empathy. Cancer is a disease which requires mental and physical strength for not only the patients but also for the caregivers. In this long battle, the doctors are very supportive.

Patient - T. Vijayan

Chemotherapy followed by Radiation

The oncology department was clean,busy & organized Dr. Shashidhar and his team dedicated to their work and available always. Very understanding team. We have never been disappointed and always available. Very understanding. We have never been disappointment and always leave on a healing note. Dr shashid is an amazing person and this is a wonderful team.

Kalyan anupuri

Vydehi follow Cancer treatment excellent. I have taken treatment for Radiation and Chemotherapy and completed. They always follow the correct process of treatment. Their Radiation Equipment were latest one. Now I am completely recovered. This hospital Doctor's were Excellent and they will give confidence to all.

Moumita Konar

I came for my dad to show for his Lungs Cancer from april 2019.. I must say each and every doctor is so understanding n always reachable over call.. Worth mentioning the doctors who really made this 1 year daily running for life easier for my dad is Medical Oncology - Dr. Roshan, Dr. Nitish Garg, Dr. Rohit, Dr. Aditya, Dr. Sasidhar, Dr. Tushar, Dr. Mehlam, Dr. Swaroopa... N again worth mentioning is another department is radiation oncology department : Dr. Geetha who is just so attentive and so calm, she just explained me so well on the radiation thing about dad's treatment.. Dr. Jaswant who never forgets to attend each person without a smile, thats something i feel cures any patient, Dr. Priyanka, Dr. Salman, Dr. Veda and Dr. Richa these doctors who made my journey as an attender so smooth n for my dad as a patient.. But hope he get cured soon because these are the people who are behind my dad's health.. Nd how can i forget the special ward each n every sisters who took so good care of my dad when he was there n so do for my mom when she was admitted, even day care oncology each n every one especially sister jyothi. I will surely recommend vydehi hospital to each and everyone.. ...
Then i started showing there for mom in different departments general medicine (Dr. Chaithra and dr. Monisha) they are so good, took so good care of moms anaemia process, then worth mentioning neurology department dr. Suresh who is so calm n composed n so good, atleast by listening to him my mom takes the medicines regularly.. Then coming to cardiology department Dr. Lalitha and Dr. Ramesh is so good, they took care of mom's health so well, as my mom is also a cardiac patient n hv lot of complications.. Then coming to urology department is Dr. Harsha n dr. Kunal, both r so good.. Still process of another operation is pending for mom.. But hope both get cured soon..
The only thing I learnt in this hospital is doctors are concerned about our health n actually they treat patients as kids n human.. Thats something satisfies me that my parents r in good hands..
The only drawback i found is the admission n billing n ip billing n insurance is so scattered that if the person is fit then running here n there they will fall sick.. One recommendation please keep all these department in one row n make it a smooth process..

Satish Reddy D

I visited the hospital to meet Dr. Shashidhar medical oncologist for my wife's chemotherapy. He has been very humble and supportive throughout chemotherapy treatment and especially impressed by how he took his time to explain my wife's conditions with me as well as treatment. He made the entire process very simple from Intravenous to Tablets. Now my wife completed all the cycles and recovering better. So, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Shashidhar. Thanks & Regards D Satish Reddy.

Suvasis Mukherjee

My Wife BANANI GUPTA MUKHERJEE ( HOSPITAL NO.7576835) consults VYDEHI CANCER CENTER from September 2021 when she was diagnosed for DUCTAL CARCINOMA. When she knows about her condition her moral strength becomes very low. After that we meet with DR. Hemant GN ( SERGICAL ONCOLOGY), he explained everything clearly and Introduced us to Dr. Manjunath Nandennavar (Medical Oncology). We started her treatment without any delay. They also explained multiple options considering her age & the stage of cancer without drawing any rosy picture.On 11.10.2021 my wife operation was successfully done by Dr. M.S Ganesh (Surgical Oncology) and his doctor’s team. After operation Dr. Hemant GN and Dr. Uma Madam get in touch with my wife and do their best for her speedy recovery. Now she is going under chemotherapy and 02 number of therapy done successfully. Cancer is a disease which requires mental and physical strength for not only the patients but also for the caregivers. In this long battle, the doctors are very supportive not only that the nursing staff and the PG students treat patient with respect and empathy We really call out the Oncology dept for their candor & professionalism.

Anish Antani

About three years ago, when we were referred to consult Dr. Hemanth for second opinion for breast cancer, we were a bit apprehensive about the kind of treatment that we might get. However, to our pleasant surprise, it turned out to be a very satisfying experience through all the three stages of treatment, i.e. Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation. The team of doctors in all the departments, esp. Dr. Hemanth, Dr.Virendra & Dr.Manjunath, were very knowledgeable, caring & easily approachable. They always provided very sensible, timely & cost-effective advice, depending upon the patient's condition & need of the treatment. After two years, when another case diagnosed with the same in the family, it was our first choice and they repeated the same fantastic experience and proved that, Vydehi is the best and value for money private cancer care hospital in the country. Kudos to the Team Vydehi Cancer Center !

Sangeetha Babu
23 Nov 2021

I visited Vydehi for breast cancer treatment. Finished my surgery during Feb '21. Post which has gone thru Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. I do not have big words to praise to match the service provided by Dr. Sashidhar and his nursing staffs during Chemotherapy. I felt East like home and at most care was given to each and patients. Dr. Sashidhar was one of the God blessed angel sent as saviour to my life. Thanks a lot doctor and will keep you in my prayers. Thanks,Sangeetha.

Sujatha Mullamangalam
18th July 2021

My mother consults Vydehi Cancer Center From June 2020 when she was diagnosed for the first time. Since this diagnosis came as a shocker, we were completely at loss with the way forward. That's when we met Dr Hemanth (Surgical Oncology) for consultation.
Dr Hemanth explained everything clearly and Introduced us to DR Geetha (Radiation) and Dr Sashidharan (Medical Oncology). We started her treatment without any delay. They also explained multiple options considering her age & the stage of cancer without drawing any rosy picture. We really call out the Oncology dept for their candor & professionalism. Dr Nitish (Medical Oncology) has always helped us with the treatment plan as and when we contact him when my mother showed anomalies. Even when I was in another city, Dr Sashidharan referred us to his student who was practicing in the same place.
We will be lifelong grateful to them for all the support then & even now.

Mr. Manjunath Rammohan
06th April 2021

We would like to thank each and everyone in the surgical Onco team for their valuable services offered and immense respect towards patients are unbelievable. Our special thanks to Dr. Keerthi sir, Dr. Ganesh sir and his team for taking our case related to sleeve gastrectomy using laparoscopy (Gastric leiomyoma) procedure. Doctors here are well trained and experienced. I would strongly recommend this team for any of the surgical procedures and off course whether it's Onco or non-Onco related issues. Once again our sincere heart full thanks goes to Dr. Bharath , Dr. Sudheer, Dr. Uday, Dr. Hemanth for taking day to day care when its needed, without their friendly and caring attitude it would have been hard rectory for the patient. Thanks for to vydehi for having these smart and human respectable doctors at your core.

Ms. Dipika Thami
13th March 2021

One of the best hospital I came a across as well the Doctor's the way they treated my father can't describe in words heartfelt thanks to all the Doctor's (Surgical Oncology) special thanks to Dr Hemanth and Dr Uday and again another department (Radiation Oncology) thanks to Dr Anukul,Dr Monika,Dr Veda and Dr Santosh.

Mr. Biswajit Mandal
25th Feb 2021

Thank you All of doctors আমি আপনাদের পরিষেবা পেয়ে খুব ভালো লাগছে , thanks Anukul sir . Dr. Geeta Mam and all others

Gita Das

Cancer Survivor

Since then I have had a pleasant and satisfying experience. I was under the care of Dr. Shashidar, Dr Geetha Dr.Manjunath and Dr Roshan and their team of doctors. The environment at the hospital is very positive as the Day-Care Ward has encouraging and affectionate male and female nursing staff. Everyone at the Oncology Department are kind and approachable not only to me but to every other patient.

Nikhil B K

BMT For Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

I was provided with good treatment and helpful from all of the staffs and doctors.Nurses were so friendly with me they treated me with love and care.I left hospital with 100 % cure.I am very thankful to each everyone who helped me to come back to my normal life. No suggestions ,everything is good I will recommend my friends and family.

Priyanka Chouhan

Breast cancer survivor

Happy with doctors friendliness, explaination of the issues, treatment satisfaction, knowledge value for money. Doctors are really hardworking works day-in day-out for patients, they are the reasons patients are in hospital.

Janardhan B

Chemotherapy Survivor

He was given chemotherapy with stem cell transplantation for Multiple Myeloma.
1. We received good support from the team of doctors and other staffs.
2. Cost of the treatment was affordable too.
3. Hospital atmosphere was really good.
4. Thanks to the team and wishing all success.

Happy Kumari
sister of Prabhu Kumar

Throat Cancer Survivor

It was very good experience specially with Dr Geetha. She is well experienced and very cooperative. Surely we will share our experience about the hospital and doctors

Madhavi Latha K

Breast cancer survivor

The treatment sessions were very painful but with the help of Doctors and Day care staffs I got cured and experienced a new hope of life.

Vinod Karunakaran

Bladder cancer

My dad was affected with bladder cancer in 2017, when we came to know about the disease we tried to reach out to many hospital for the treatment and all doctors and across city and states. All they said it not cureable and only option to remove bladder as well.That's when we got DR Ganesh sir, within first meeting he gave us so much positive hopes and said we can cure without any surgery.That brought back lot of hopes back to our family.Had great expert with each one of the oncologist in Vydehi , each one doctors are so connected and coordinated with patients medical history. Radiation oncologist DR Geeta mam and team will always be with us during each session of treatment which was nice gestures and kind to patient.... During a year treatment we where taken care very well by doctors and hospital staffs. Excellent team in both medical and radiation oncologist. I would thank each and every one doctors from bottom of heart Thanks for giving our hope and life back.


Autologous stem-cell transplantation

The patient was treated by Respected Doctor Sashidhar Karpur Math from the very begging to end after being admitted in the Hospital with a caring attitude As the patient as well as Patient party expected from a good doctor. Patient was from a needy family but Dr.Sashidhar came to them as a friend and guide. His magnanimity save the patient (mother) as well as her only girl child (aged 5 years that time).

Dyamanagoud BS

My Mother Basavalingamma was admitted at hospital. Taken care by Doctor Kirthi. I'm glad to share my experience at hospital. Hospital was really good and hygienic. Care taking by doctors, nurses and other staffs was very good. Hospital facilities like food, housekeeping etc was very Good.

Praveen Gupta

I would like to thank the entire oncology team here for their outstanding services. Dr.Geeta who heads Radiation Oncology has been particularly helpful and took personal interest in monitoring my mother's case and advising us through the course of treatment. Being an old age patient, my mother has so many other ailments and prior issues, each of which were heard patiently and referred to the respective departments for treatment. Apart from Dr.Geeta, a note of thanks to all the doctors who helped us throughout - Dr.Ganesh, Dr.Manjunath, Dr.Mehlam, Dr.Santosh, Dr.Surekha, Dr.Virendra and the other unnamed hospital staff who made it easy for us in this difficult time.

Joseph Wesley
Son of Shebarani

Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy and Radiotherapy

Very often my mother used to get admitted for Chemotherapy in "Day Care" ward. Medical procedures done under the expert care of doctors like Dr. Manjunath and day care nurses was really commendable. Through frequent blood tests and other lab tests the progress of the patient is constantly watched. Apart from hospital care Dr. Manjunath also help us apply for Prime Minister's fund, helped us with the process to get free medicine (3 + 1) and free train tickets.I recommend the hospital as Oncology department is well maintained, well administered and affordable for all.