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Tumor Embolisations

Tumors tend to grow by recruiting new blood supply and majority of large tumors tend to be very vascular . This creates a propensity for tumors to bleed and many times these can be life threatening events . This can be the first presentation or more commonly may occur any time during treatment or subsequently . Using advanced catheters and guide wires , the interventional radiologists can access the bleeding vessel within the tumor , through a minor cut in one of the leg or hand artery , also called as angiography and plug the culprit bleeding vessel using various agents in a procedure called as embolization.
In Vydehi hospital we regularly perform these life saving procedures and have 24 x7 coverage for these emergencies . In addition we perform chemoembolization of tumors , where in we precisely deliver the chemotherapeutic drugs in high concentration at the tumor site . This procedure is especially useful in different types of liver cancers
Tumor embolisations
Tumor embolisations