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Dr. Amritha Prabha MS, MCh

Consultant, Surgical Oncology, Vydehi Cancer Center.

Dr. Uday Karjul MS,MCh

Robotic and Laparoscopic surgeon, Associate Professor, KMIO, Bangalore.

Dr. Sri Phani Choudhary MS, MCh

Consultant, Surgical Oncology, HGC Vijayawada.

Dr. Ajay Chanakya MS,MCh

Consultant, Robotic Surgical Oncology, KIMS, Hyderabad.

Dr. Abhinay I MS, MCh

Consultant, Surgical Oncology, Vydehi Cancer Center.

Dr. Satyanarayana M.S MS,MCh

Consultant, Surgical Oncology, SRMC, Chennai.

Dr. Arjun Agarwal MS, MCh

Mch, Surgical Oncology, Rohilkhand Medical College, Varun Arjun Medical College, Ashok Kiran Hospital, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Dr. Sreekanth Reddy MS,MCh

FMASO (Fellowship un minimal access and Robotic Surgical oncology), Associate consultant, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore.

Dr. Sumanth MS, MCh

MS, Mch, Surgical Oncology, Consultant in Delta Hospitals, Rajahmundry, Andra Pradesh.

Dr. Tarun G MS,MCh

Assistant Professor, Surgical Oncology, GSL Trust Cancer, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Shah Urvish Kamleshbai MS, MCh

Vydehi provided a comprehensive solid foundation for my Onco surgery training . With extensive academia and hands on training , the faculty ensured that I could carry on all surgeries with confidence.

Dr Garima

She has experience in the field from the best Centres across India and and dedicated her life to medicine after MBBS , practising since 2011. Her patients are her passion and is the pioneer of patient Centric management, Specialises in Breast Oncology, Oncoplastic Breast surgeries, Gynaecological Oncology , Gatro-Intestinal oncology,Head and Neck Oncology, URO Oncology & bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Dr Rahul Surapaneni MS MCh

Surgical oncology resident at Vydehi institute of medical sciences, 2018-2021.

Dr. Khyati Melanta

Dr. Udayee Teja

Doctors Testimonial

I'm very greatful to vydehi institute of medical sciences for providing us a wonderful team of oncologists to get trained under them.
The 3yrs tenure was a wonderful journey with my department of surgical oncology. We got lot of hands-on experience of all surgeries with a very experienced staff,apart from surgical skills we learnt the communication skills and councelling which is a key for oncology patients.
I would like to thank all my mentors Dr.keerthi BR, Dr Hemanth GN, Dr Amrita , Dr Abhinay ,my seniors , juniors and the non teaching department staff as well. All the above words mentioned would have not happened with out our chief Dr MS Ganesh sir,
Boss can train anyone over academics and clinical skills but we can also learn the management of the department and keep people commited to their work,he is the best one to take inspiration over punctuality and discipline. I might not be his best student but he will always be my best teacher
Our department is the best, though we might get clouded under the lights of top institutes in our country but we are no less to any of them, infact better than them over the surgical trainin

Dr. Tarun G. Assisant Proffessor, Surgical Oncology

Our Profession is such that it requires a lot of dedication and time. I am Fortunate enough to get in 3 years residency programme (Mch Surgical Oncology) in Vydehi Institute of medical science and research center, Bangalore.
I am deeply indebted to our Chief and Head of department surgical oncology Dr. M. S. Ganesh sir for his constant inspiration, kind guidance, valuable suggestions and timely encouragement, leading me to finish the programme and achieve my life dream of becoming a surgical oncologist and made sure to be good at it by helping me develop all the confidence, skill sets required for problem solving with patience and stamina.
I am forever grateful to Dr. Keerthi B.R, Dr. Amrutha, Dr.Hemanth, Dr. Abhinay staff Department of surgical oncology for their keen interest, guidance throughout especially the patience they had went long way in finishing the programme.
I'm also thankful that had such a great seniors and juniors also my colleague who were there in the hour of need and such a wonderful experience that I had been part of the team.
Finally I owe my success to the blessing and guidance of Dr. M. S. Ganesh sir professor and Head of department Surgical Oncology.

Dr. M. Sumanth Surgical Oncology

I joined Vydehi institute of oncology in 2015 after completing my masters in surgery as there was a shortage of oncologists in western Uttar Pradesh where I belong and I must tell you that my experience was impeccable. I operated 200 cases covering almost every surgical oncology procedure and assisted many more. I am a sole surgical oncologist in my area and I feel confident to operate anything from head to toe.
At Vydehi there a temperament of doing research work and I published 2 original articles in Pubmed indexed journals, one case series and four case reports. There is so much to learn at Vydehi and I am grateful to Dr Ganesh and the surgical oncology team for giving me the opportunity.
The whole oncology wing at Vydehi works happily under the fatherly figure of Dr Ganesh not only to become good oncologists but also good doctors and a human beings.

Dr. Arjun Agarwal. Surgical Oncology

I am very pleased to write about the institute which made me the surgeon I am today. I had a wonderful experience of three years working as a surgical oncology postgraduate at Vydehi medical college. It gave me exposure to all the cancer cases from head to toe and helped me in gaining knowledge to deal with all cancer cases. My training as a surgical oncologist helped me to improve my surgical skills and also improved the way I dealt with patients as a clinician.
I am happy that I got to operate most of the cancer cases and also observe very complex procedures during my training period that gave me confidence in handling cases independently today and deal with any kind of complications.I thoroughly enjoyed the guidance of my teachers from all the three allied branches of oncology . Faculty are easily approachable anytime to guide us in our clinical work and helped in doing research activities.
The interaction and friendly relation of all the three oncology departments is very good thing I have experienced. I would thank All my teachers and colleagues for giving me such a wonderful experience during my learning period at Vydehi Institute

Dr. V Sreekanth Reddy. Associate consultant,

I feel proud that I was able to be a part of department of medical oncology at Vydehi institute of medical sciences. Both as a first batch of Postgraduate as well as a faculty . My very basic foundations for being a successful medical oncologist are being laid here under the able guidance of my teachers.
The teachers astonish me with the great knowledge, experience that they have ,and also the approach towards patients. With the amount of study material available and the free hand to treat the patients I would say this is the right choice that I made in my career. I am very thankful to my teachers at department of medical oncology. Also am very thankful to the management of VIMS for what I am today .

Dr Annalakshmi Sekar Consultant Medical Oncologist

I am a proud product of VIMS &RC medical oncology dept got excellent education . The quality of education was phenomenal. Our teachers were fantastic. They did not behave like superiors. They treated me like a friend or a family member. I could approach them with questions anytime. They taught us with lot of interest and passion
Today I am a successful practitioner in my hometown which would not be possible without my teacher, my guide and mentor and to someone whom I look upto Dr Shashidhar V K and also would like to thank Dr Manjunath N for inspiring us to study with his words of wisdom and also my seniors my juniors and my colleagues. Thank you for being there

Dr. Najeeb Behzad Mohammed Assistant Professor in Department of Medical Oncology

Having done my post graduation in VIMS and RC , Department of Radiation Oncology, Here its all about patient care , teaching, research activities, team of expert oncologists and advance radiation technologists. This department has impacted me with the knowledge and skills of radiation oncology which has helped me achieve clinical competency and has openend up a world of professional opportunities.

Dr. Swathi S Amin Consultant, Radiation Oncologist

I take sheer gratitude in saying that it is a privilege to be a part of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre. Outstanding doctors & nurses, Terrific state-of-the-art equipment & facilities. A special mention to our Director Mrs Kalpaja D A, an impeccably dynamic woman who is successfully running the institute for the past 20 Years. Her words are definitely a morale booster for all the students and the staff members of the hospital.
I take pride in thanking our HOD, Dr Geeta S Narayanan, an excellent mentor, It is You who has moulded me to be what I am today, "You always find a way to get it done - and done well".
I want to thank my professor Dr Bhaskar V for his absolute guidance. I just want to say "Having you on the team makes a huge difference."
My sincere thanks to the management for giving me an opportunity to continue my services with the Institute & be one among the Vydehi family.

Dr Divya Shree N Assistant Professor

Vydehi was my undergraduate and postgraduate institute as well. We were batch of 5 and each of us got attention in training according to our strengths and weakness not only in subject but also in many other aspects which a postgraduate needs. Professors and staff is the plus point along with the latest equipment. Load of patients is very good, as it is a comprehensive center we got to interact with faculty and postgraduates of other branches like surgical oncology and medical oncology.

Dr Khaleel Muzammil ALI Kha Associate Consultant