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Interventional Radiology for Cancer Patients (IR) involves minimally invasive , image guided therapeutic procedures without surgery and is performed by Interventional Radiologists. Interventional Radiology is one of the biggest recent advances in medical science and has grown substantially in recent years with the improvements in hardware and equipments.

Interventional Radiology plays a vital role in care of cancer patients. The biggest advantage of Interventional Radiology is the ability to access any organ in the body without any major incision. In fact the hole or incision made to access and carry out the procedure is so small in almost all cases, that there is no need for even a single suture. Also with precise imaging guidance only the diseased area is targeted making these procedures very safe with minimal chance of complications. Most of the patients tolerate these procedures excellently and are usually back to their normal routine as early as within a few hours from their procedures or in certain cases by the next day.

To carry out these procedures we have a team of well trained Interventional Radiologists and advanced equipments including two multislice CT scanners (16 slice and 128 slice dual energy ), a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, fluoroscopy equipment , a well equipped cath lab and ultrasound equipments .

Life saving embolization of an acutely bleeding tumor (intestinal lymphoma )

Pre embolization

Post embolization

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