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The Paediatric Oncology division offers comprehensive care for children diagnosed with cancers. For more than 15 years the center has had a dedicated paediatric oncology wing and medical staffing including nursing to provide care. Patients from various states of the country and some from neighbouring countries visit for management of childhood cancers. The team includes paediatric medical oncologists, paediatric surgeons, surgical oncologists and radiotherapy specialists who specialize in paediatric tumors. Vydehi cancer center’s paediatric division has been one of the few centers to treat large numbers of paediatric bone tumors and employ expandable prostheses for limb salvage. Similarly childhood leukemias are managed effectively at a very cost effective price. Many solid tumors like retinoblastomas, neuroblastomas, Wilms tumor, mediastinal tumors, germ cell tumors and hepatoblastomas have been treated with excellent outcomes at Vydehi cancer center paediatric oncology division. Support services like venous access devices (Hickman catheters and paediatric chemoports) help in painless delivery of medicines.

The main objective of paediatric oncology division is to provide optimal care to achieve high cure rates with minimal risk of long term side effects as they grow up.

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