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Dr. Ananth is a highly accomplished and skilled neurosurgeon with over 10 years of extensive experience specializing in spine surgery and skull base surgery. Known for his exceptional expertise and technical prowess, Dr. Ananth has dedicated his career to improving the lives of patients with complex neurosurgical conditions

Special Interest

He is skilled in the latest minimally invasive techniques, which allow for reduced patient discomfort, faster recovery times, and excellent surgical outcomes, including, ventricular and transnasal skull base endoscopic surgeries. Dr. Ananth’s expertise extends to complex procedures such as spinal fusion, from both anterior and sterior approaches from craniovertebral junction to lumbosacral spine, laminectomy, discectomy, neurotrauma surgery, neuro-oncological surgeries and peadiatric neurosurgery, among others. Not only does Dr. Ananth possess exceptional technical proficiency, but he also places great emphasis on patient-centered care. He believes in developing strong relationships with his patients, actively involving them in their treatment plans, and ensuring that they receive compassionate and personalized care. Driven by a deep commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes, Dr. Ananth collaborates closely with interdisciplinary teams to provide comprehensive and tailored treatment strategies for each patient. Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Ananth has made significant contributions to the field of neurosurgery through his research and publications in reputable journals and he has also devoted many years into teaching neurosurgery to the younger professionals in neurosurgery.Dr. Ananth’s exceptional qualifications, vast experience, and unwavering dedication make him a sought-after neurosurgeon in the field of spine surgery.