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The Hospital Based Cancer Registry was established as a part of National Cancer Registry Programme of NCDIR-ICMR in December 2012. Extraction of data for the year 2012 started from January 2013. From 2013 the department is also contributing data for the project entitled Patterns of Care & Survival Studies for Cervical, Breast & Head & Neck Cancers. From 2019 the department will also be a part of the project Patterns of Care and Survival Studies (POCSS) on Cancers in Childhood, Lymphoid and Hematopoietic Malignancies, other Gynaecological Malignancies.

The Registry is being aided financially by the National Cancer Registry Programme since 2018. The main functions of the Cancer Registry are:

1.Hospital based cancer registry records and documents the details of all cases diagnosed & treated in a single hospital. Its primary function is clinical.

2.Reflects on the care of cancer patients.

3.Valuable resource for maintaining & evaluating the work of the institution including the end results. Follow-up of patients.

4.Data is used for several case control studies and survival studies.

5.Helps in comparing the treatment protocols & outcome with other institutions.

6.The data of our Registry has been published in the report titled Consolidated Report of Hospital Based Cancer Registries: 2012-2014, National Centre for Disease Informatics & Research- Indian Council of Medical Research (NCDIR-ICMR).