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Tumors arising from brain and spinal cord are rare but pose specific challenges in diagnosis and treatment. The Neuro Oncology division at Vydehi Cancer Center is a comprehensive facility to deal with various nervous system malignancies and benign lesions. This division is equipped with the state of the art investigatory facilities which aid in diagnosis, like 125 slice CT scan, 1.5 tesla MRI, MR spectroscopy, angiography and Stereotactic biopsy facility. On treatment side high end modular operation theatre with navigation , neuro endoscopy for minimally invasive surgeries and advanced CUSA for precise surgery , Stereotactic radio surgery(SRS) and Stereotactic body Radiotherapy(SBRT) help in delivering high end treatments. Manned by senior Neurosurgeons, Neuro radiation Oncologists and Neuro Medical Oncologists, this speciality service has been treating adult and paediatric neurological tumors with precision and excellent results.

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